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   The Cure (2017)

The Cure Cover - promo

When the FDA denies approval for a new flu vaccine, Dr. Eric Carter desperately searches for a way to save the drug and the company. Little does he know, others are crafting a man-made virus.

When the virus appears, Carter must race to find a solution before it’s too late.



The Cure – now available for pre-order

If you have the cure, all you need is the disease. That is the premise of my new novel, The Cure, now available for pre-order. It is set in the mountains of western North Carolina at a lab for a biopharmaceutical firm. Eric Carter, M.D., has spent the last ten years of his life perfecting a cure for a strain of avian flu. He and his team are crushed when the FDA denies it. What comes next may surprise you. … Continue reading