The Pill Game (2014)

Haunted by his best friend’s murder, Jack Davis and his wife move to Clearwater looking for a fresh start. Disillusioned with corporate America, he takes a job as chief financial officer of a prominent physician’s clinic. When he and Molly apprehend a young girl breaking into their boat, she’s arrested and jailed.

Molly drops the charges, resolved to give the girl a helping hand. Jack is reluctantly drawn into the dark world of prescription drug trafficking, with the girl’s boyfriend the apparent gang leader. Determined to free the girl from the clutches of an abusive criminal, Jack begins to unravel the threads and makes a shocking discovery. The price he pays is devastating.


What Readers Are Saying…

“The author is becoming a favorite in the medical thriller genre for a reason.”

– Otis L. Scarbary, author “Ollie’s Dilemma


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