The Healing Tree (2021)

Justin Reeve, a scientist working for a small research lab, stumbles across a unique tree while hiking in the Smokies. His Cherokee friends identify it as a sacred healing tree, thought to be extinct and the source of a powerful, ancient remedy capable of curing fatal illness.

Desperate to save his sister who is dying from breast cancer, Justin creates a medicine from the tree and secretly gives it to her. When her apparent recovery leaves doctors confounded, evidence proves the healing tree is the reason.

Unknown to him, a global pharmaceutical firm offers to buy the lab. Surrounded by lies and deception, Justin battles powerful foes willing to use any means necessary to protect their financial interests. With betrayal and death lurking in the shadows, Justin must carefully choose who to trust to save the tree—and his sister.


What Readers Are Saying…

Really enjoyed the Healing Tree! I have read every book Mr. Bollinger has written and this book was as entertaining as the previous ones. As a physician, I really enjoy the medical thriller genre that Mr. Bollinger excels in. This book really kept me in suspense. I enjoyed his nice blend of flawed individuals all with something to hide, trying to do the right thing for the ones they love. As always in his books, he weaves medical and scientific principles into the storyline in ways that are very believable. Can’t wait for the next book!!

A tension-filled ride that feels all too real.

I think this may well be his best yet.


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