A Case of Revenge (2012)

Carly Nelson, the COO at a hospital in southwest Florida, is on track to fill her boss’s position once he retires. But when he dies in an accident, chaos erupts, and a series of apparently unrelated incidents put her career in jeopardy. When events start affecting her family and those close to her, it gets personal, and Carly is determined to find out who’s behind it.

In this modern twist on a classic story of revenge, someone with the Internet name of Sorcerer is out to destroy the people he holds responsible for the tragedy in his life. A computer genius, Sorcerer keeps upping the ante but leaving few clues to his evil plan. His final act will have devastating consequences for Carly. Can anyone put the pieces together before it’s too late?

A Case of Revenge gives a frightening glimpse of what is possible in a world where computers and technology reach into every corner of our lives.

“Just finished reading your excellent novel, A Case of Revenge.  It held my attention from beginning to end!  Your background in the health care industry gave it the extra ring of truth needed to fulfill the storyline.”

– Janet Litherland, author of “Worth Dying For

“An interesting and frightening twist on the revenge game, this book grabbed me from the opening pages and held me until the heart pounding end!”

“All in all a very good read that will appeal to fans of mystery, crime dramas, and thrillers.”


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