I just returned from a few days in Southern California, where I had a chance to sit down with a long-time friend (as opposed to “old” friend!) who I hadn’t seen in too many years.

It was amazing how we picked up where we left off, as though it had only been weeks instead of years. I think that is the nature of a true friendship that has been forged through the years. Although we live on opposite coasts and travel in different circles these days, the bond was still present, strong as ever. We laughed, we cried, we shared, as only true friends can do.

We both remarked that although we know a lot of people, the number of friends is not very large. Those connections seem more precious at this stage in our lives, and we both walked away grateful for each other and the opportunity to spend a little time together.

We vowed to spend more time together, but even if we’re unable to do so, it’s still nice to know that your friends are always there for you.

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