Relating to readers

Last evening, I was honored to meet with the Thomasville Literary Society, a local book club that had selected my book, A Case of Revenge, for their monthly title.

I enjoy talking with readers as much as I do writing. It is invigorating and inspiring, plus it keeps me on my toes. Over the weekend, I started thinking that it has been three years to the month since I published A Case of Revenge and I should probably refresh my memory. It would be embarrassing to not be able to discuss plot points or characters in my own book. For the first time, I re-read one of my books after the final version had been published.

Like many authors, I never go back and read my books. When I shared that with the group, that prompted several questions. First, “Is it hard to turn loose of a story and characters after I finish a book?” and second, “After having re-read it, would I change anything?”

My answer to the first question was easy. “Not at all,” I said. “By the time I’m finished, I’ve had enough of them and am ready to move on.”

The second question was tougher. “Yes,” I answered. “Of course there were things I’d change. The good part is that most of them were minor, like too many exclamation marks. When it came to the story, I said to myself, ‘that was actually a good story.’ I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the story.”

That was a good feeling and reinforces my belief that “It’s all about the story.” A good story is timeless and ages well. I’m glad to say that mine passed the test.

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