Just back from Key West, gathering material for my next work in progress. What a weather shock on returning. Monday, it was 84. When we got off the plane in Tallahassee last night, it was 40!

For you Jack and Molly fans, they will be back in book five, living in Key West. Got a great story cooking, and already have 20,000 words down!

It had been a while since I spent any time there, so it was good to update the memory. Like any place, much has remained the same, and much has changed. The weather was gorgeous, temps in the mid-70s to mid-80s. Met a lot of very nice and helpful locals, and got many pictures to post at a later date.

Now, the bad news. I’m running behind on The Care Card, and it will be out early December instead of November. I know, a lot of you will be disappointed, but I want it right. You deserve it, and it will be worth it!

All for now! Back to work!

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