Why Do I Write?

I’m often asked, “Why do you write?” My response is, “I can’t not write!”

I have always wanted to write. A few years ago, after “semi-retiring,” I was in a position to devote my full attention to writing. I finished my first novel, which I’d started over twenty years ago, and put it in the file cabinet where it is waiting for another visit one day. It wasn’t ready for prime time and I knew it.

I immediately started another novel. I finished that one, which was “The Medicine Game” and it was published in January, 2012. I have since published two additional novels and plan to release number four next month.

All three of my novels have won awards. I’m continuing to grow as a writer, and every day is a learning experience. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing from my readers, and having them tell me what they think about my stories. My only regret is that I didn’t start writing full-time sooner!

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